Hair Loss Causes – What You Must Know About The Cause Of Hair

Hair Loss Causes - What You Must Know About The Cause Of HairHair loss is a devastating problem that plagues many people today. The most common causes of hair loss are genetic conditions, hereditary disorders such as androgenetic alopecia, stress, medications, and chemotherapy. Although hair loss is often associated with aging, this is not always the case; however, hair loss can happen at any age. When hair loss causes you to feel insecure about your looks, or if it makes you feel less attractive, then you need to find a solution immediately.Hair Loss Causes

One of the most common hair loss causes is stress. Stress can take its toll on nearly every area of our lives, including our physical health. And unfortunately, thinning hair and baldness goes hand-in-hand with stress. If you suffer from stress because of a traumatic experience, such as losing a loved one, experiencing a divorce, or having financial problems, then you know that hair loss is part of life. However, stress rarely causes complete hair loss.What You Must Know About The Cause Of Hair

Another common hair loss cause is genetics. Most people who suffer from hair loss have two genes that are susceptible to the genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia. According to medical experts, this genetic disorder causes the hair follicles to stop producing the hair shaft material that provides nutrients and oxygen to the roots. While this condition is very rare, it still affects millions of people. Fortunately, hair follicles can grow back if the cause of the disorder is treated.