Bad Hair Day – Difference Between Having One and A Good Hair Day

Bad Hair Day - Difference Between Having One and A Good Hair DayThe question of what is the worst hair day? For most women and men there is no one particular time when you have a bad hair day. While there may be some sort of special occasion that brings it on, such as having your hair done for a wedding, or doing your hair in front of your friends, there really is no way to predict what will happen on any given day. Some people may have one once a year when they wash their hair with a certain brand of shampoo, but that does not mean that every bad hair day will have to be followed by the same extreme of washing and rinsing your hair as well.Bad Hair Day

One of the main reasons that people have them is because they are not aware of what they should be doing to get their hair cleaned and conditioned as often as they need to. It is important to understand that the type of shampoo that you use on your hair determines how often you need to use it. If you use a shampoo that is too strong for your hair, then you will likely have to wash it more than once a week, while if you use a shampoo that is too weak you hair may just need to be washed as often as every day. Many people are unaware of the difference in strength between the shampoo and conditioner and are in fact using the wrong products, so make sure you read the label and know which is best for your hair type.Difference Between Having One and A Good Hair Day

Another reason that people have one is because they are allowing their hair to become overheated. When the temperature is high outside and the humidity is high inside you will find that your hair will become dry and brittle. To prevent this from happening you should let your hair air dry as soon as possible after shampooing it. Once you have let it dry, you should then rinse out your hair and pat it dry before using a towel to style it. This rule will help you avoid having a bad hair day and will make your life much easier in the long run.

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